University Recruiter/Employer Solutions

What do you want to do?

  1. Connect with first generation and students of color earlier in their college experience.
  2. Increase candidate loyalty and reduce the number of students that renege on employment offers.
  3. Adopt a turnkey onboarding strategy that can increase new hire retention.
  4. Engage students with career and professional development curriculum and programming.
  5. Better prepare our new hires soft skills and business acumen.

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Grad CareerFestival

Give the students you are interested in hiring a free ticket (value $87) to the annual Grad CareerFestival. The online career conference features over 72 of the world's top career authors and coaches who provide In their TEDTalk length presentations three tips students can implement in managing their careers, searching for jobs, improving their soft skills, and adulting skills.


One Month Career Course

Another way you can engage students and build loyalty is to invite them to participate in a month-long career course that will introduce them to 30 career presentations designed to give them the confidence to launch their careers. Students will receive a daily email branded to your organization introducing timely and relevant career tips.


Web based Onboarding program

This generation thinks and lives in the mobile cloud. While you may have an effective onboarding program, chances are it is not mobile friendly. We can take your onboarding program and give you a tool where new hires can participate at anytime and one that gives you a dashboard to track their participation and awareness.



You have an opportunity to tap into student talent as early as their freshmen or sophomore year so you can expose them to your culture, connect them to employee mentors, and begin to evaluate if they have the right stuff to make it in your organization. As a corporate member you will have access to career and professional development materials that builds loyalty.


12 Month Onboarding Course

One way you can increase retention of your new hires is to give students the knowledge and skills their hiring manager expects them to have. The 12 month onboarding course will help your new hires understand their strengths and how to leverage them in everyday interactions with their colleagues and customers, as well as sharpen their technical skills and awareness of the business skills their managers expect them to have.


College to Career BootCamp

Your new hires will benefit from our College to Career BootCamp. The online career course features lectures by 36 career authors on career exploration, career management, the job search process, soft skills and even business management skills. The self paced course includes dozens of assignments to make sure they understand the presenters ideas and gives them access to hundreds of resource material.

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What univesity recruiters say!


The competition for college students has intensified in this exploding employment market. Leveraging career curriculum as a way to engage students is a remarkably low cost and simple way to engage students.

Oil industry recruiter

We were concerned we’d see an increased number of students reneging and ghosting us so the ability to give students free tickets to the Grad CareerFestival offered an effortless way to build loyalty.

Technology recruiter

We’ve not had a very effective onboarding program and as a result we’ve had a new college hire retention issue. The 12-month onboarding program offering soft skills, business skills, and technical skills has been well received by our managers.

Health care recruiter