Alumni/Career Center Solutions

What do you want to do?

  1. Increase student participation in career center events!
  2. Provide alumni lifelong learning and career support.
  3. Help grads launch & lead successful careers.
  4. Get students to take ownership of their careers.
  5. Increase enrollment and retention.
  6. Engage parents and increase contributions.
  7. Increase mentoring and coaching.

Let's get you to the solutions you need!


Provide Alumni Lifelong Learning and Career Support

Your polls show alumni consider career and professional development programming as an important member benefit. The Career Speaker Series will deliver 36 career lectures led by top career authors without you lifting a finger!


Engage Students to Take Ownership of their Careers

The pandemic has put a spell on students making them unresponsive to your message on the importance of engaging in career activities earlier in their college experience. We'll get parents to share their contact information at orientation.


Help Grads Launch & Lead Successful Careers

Your grads are academically prepared, but not job search ready. The same students who benefited from your First-Year Experience program now need help as they transition from college to careers.


Increase Enrollment and Retention

The number one reason students go to college is to improve their employability. Unfortunately, as many as 30 percent of freshmen will drop out of college before they sense the value of their education. Our full-year assessment program can solve that!


Engage Parents and Increase Contributions

Your parents expect your college is going to require their students to invest time in career events and activities. You need to remind them their role is to be career encouragers. Learn how focusing on careers will increase contributions.


Increase Mentoring and Coaching

Your mentoring program is dependent on getting students to participate. We’ve developed a number of initiatives that will enable you to connect incoming freshmen with current and recent grads.

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The Career Speaker Series offers us a no effort way to deliver 36 scheduled career events without having travel costs and event hosting costs. It’s the most affordable way to increase participation of alumni around the world.

Events Director

We like the idea of giving our graduating seniors a relevant graduation gift, so we give them a free ticket to the Grad CareerFestival. It’s an effortless way to increase engagement.

Young Alumni Director

Our annual giving student callers are critically important to our annual giving program. To show our thanks, we give them the College to Career BootCamp. It’s an effortless way to increase satisfaction!

Annual Giving Director

We give parent contributors a copy of The Unemployed Grad, And What Parents Can Do About It, as a way to show parents our commitment to help their student get internships and jobs. It supports increased contributions.

Parent and Family Relations Director
"A working alum, is a giving alum!"

That's what Richard Bolles, author of the best selling career book of all time, (What Color is Your Parachute) said decades ago. Richard understood that the more successful your alumni were, the more likely they will contribute their time, treasure, and talent!

A dozen polls and research reports over the past decade (Alumni Attitude Study, PEW, McKinsey, Gallup) have shown the number one service alumni want from their alma mater is career and professional development programming. In these uncertain times, this will be a valued service.


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