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Check out some of our other services that will help your students take ownership of their careers, get internships and jobs by graduation day!     


CareerCourses  is an e-learning platform that offers on demand courses taught by the nation’s top career authors  via computers, SmartPhone, SmartPads, anytime, anywhere for your students and alumni. Click for details 

Parents could and should be helping their student take ownership of their career the minute they arrive on campus.  Learn how you can partner with parents to increase retention, student and alumni mentoring, internships and increase the number of grads employed by graduation day!  Click for details

CareerChat provides 24/7 access to the top resources and information on the web.  Our coaches, editors and authors will save your grads and alumni time by giving them the career information they are looking for instantly! Click for detail


Our survey's of graduates showed that only 5% had a career and job search plan.  We've created a four year curriculum that provides students the information and skills they need to build professional networks, their personal brand, their "soft skills" as well as job search strategies.  Click for details

Keep your Career Center open to students 24/7 by delivering career resources via any device!  Call to learn how!















Brave NEW World! 

Your students live in a different world then students that graduated only a decade ago.  

The SmartPhone, SmartPad, Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, even job boards did not exist for your class of 2004!

To be relevant to today’s generation, your Career Center needs to adapt to their changing behaviors.  One way to do that is to deliver coaching, advice and knowledge through the devices that have become an important part of their lives.  

Not a destination!

Your Career Center does not need to be a destination students have to cross campus to visit.  Deliver the career knowledge they need 24/7/365 on any device!

 Check out some of our latest solutions to help students:

  1. Take ownership of their career
  2. Get internships
  3. Get jobs by graduation day! 










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