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With nearly 1.7 million grads LOOKING for jobs...

.. how are you going to stand out?


After the excitement of graduation wears off, its time to roll up your sleeves. and dig into your job search!   

In today’s rapidly changing employment market, having a good resume is only part of the game.   With 4 people vying for every position listed, you have to stand out!  You have to know how to use Linkedin, Twitter and, yes, even Facebook, to build a network and search for a job.  You also need to know how to build your brand, handle the toughest interviews, know which job boards to use, and know how to network!

That’s where we can help! 

You can participate in post graduation Webinars to pickup tips, ideas, and best practices that will make you stand out!  You can participate from any computer, anyhere in the world. These events are FREE!



 Career Marathon Day!

We kick off each summer with a 12 hour career marathon!  That’s right 12 hours!  We’ll start at 11 am EDT and run for 12 hours featuring twenty-four of the nation’s top authors and career coaches. You can ask questions and get access to additional resources!   Watch for announcements.


Fall Webinar Series

In the fall we provide a career webinar series for students.  We interview career authors, career coaches, and organizations that provide career tools and services. You’ll pick up tips, best practices, and ideas on how you can handle the transition from campus, to home, to on your own, and then to your first job.   


Only 5,000 out of nearly 1,700,000


If you are interested in being among the select 5,000 out of the over 1,700,000 students graduating this year, to have free access to this fantastic selection of experts, coaches, and tools, register you and we'll send you participation information!

Join this exclusive group and give yourself a fighting chance.  This exclusive Webinar series is for GRADS only! 


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Help us get more media attention for these free events.  The Class of 2011 issues may not be at the level that resulted in "Farm Aid" or "We are the World", but their issues need more solutions.  Organizations need to commit jobs, students need to "work" on their career/job strategy.  Click the Facebook Recommend Button on the right! 

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Over the past year, we invited 18 career authors and experts into 700 Career Centers where nearly 60,000 students picked up the latest techniques in networking, interviewing, and preparing resumes.

The response was so fantastic, we decided to bring career Webinars to you - AFTER you graduate.....when you need it most!  Sign up and grab one of the few seats available.

24 authors/career experts each sharing 3 tips to help you stand out in a crowded job market.

Here are just a few of the books our guest authors have written:







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