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Spring Career Webinars for Graduates
Free Webinar Series Featuring 9 Authors/Career Experts  
Our fall Webinar series features 9 authors & career experts who will share their secrets, research, and tips with your graduates.

The LIVE Webinar series is free to all Career Centers & Alumni offices and of course - students!

Each Wednesday, starting October 5th through December 7th, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EDT, you are invited to assemble as many students as you want in your office to participate in the Webinars.   Make sure your staff attends to pick up the latest ideas you can share with your students.

Fire up your data projector, connect it to a computer/ laptop and listen through the computer or  speaker phone.
You only need to sign up once.  You will receive a reminder of the events and you can attend any one or all of the Webinars.





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Career Webinars for Graduates
     presents on: 

  Wednesday November 2nd 
     from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EDT


Equipping Young Minds for Exceptional Performance!

Secrets of Thriving Student Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Webinar Overview


Are there secrets that are common to the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and leaders? Can YOU use these secrets to catapult your career into the stratosphere?


The ability of a great leader and the mindset of a great entrepreneur are priceless commodities that are always in high demand. There is a set of universal principles that many leaders and entrepreneurs follow. Anyone who uses these principles will greatly enhance their ability to succeed. 

As you experience this fast-paced and interactive seminar you will take a peak inside the minds of some of the greatest entrepreneurs and leaders of all time.  

Just imagine learning how to:


  • Prove that you are an exceptional leader regardless of your level of experience.
  • Develop your Leadership Brand.
  • Use the #1 skill all great leaders have.
  • Use 3 simple ways to build your leadership skills.
  • Develop your UDV--Unique Degree of Value.
  • Understand the REAL power of knowledge.
  • Discover the one choice all great leaders have to make.
  • Create leadership opportunities for yourself.
  • Get decision makers excited about your leadership skills

About Al Duncan     Testimonials

Al Duncan is the leading motivational speaker for at-risk youth and troubled young people. An award-winning columnist and internationally recognized authority on soft skills, youth development and empowerment, Al has delivered Duncan Nuggets™, live and in-person, to over 1 million young people around the world. 

He is frequently called upon by the media to share his expertise and he is the author of My Success Journal For Young People and Get ALL Fired Up! He has been awarded the President’s Call to Service Award and The National PTA Life Achievement Award, for his outstanding service in the field of youth development and empowerment.

Devastated, But Not Defeated

Al was born and raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on the planet in North Philadelphia and by today’s standards, would’ve been labeled an “at-risk” student.  When he was 5 years old he was molested by a male friend of the family. 

Emotionally traumatized, it took him years to remember what happened. At the age of 15, Al’s world was torn to shreds again when he found out that his father, his childhood hero, was addicted to crack cocaine. 

Devastated, but not defeated, Al refused to allow his personal problems stop him. He went on to enjoy careers as a professional saxophone player and a professional chef. His father’s struggle and incredible recovery inspired Al to write Duncan Nugget #21: Failure is only permanent if you quit

At the age of 24, he walked away from his musical career and took on the tremendous responsibility of raising his youngest brother who was 12 years old at the time.

Today, as a tireless advocate for youth empowerment, Al is a high energy, high content, high impact speaker, lecturer, and motivational powerhouse. He serves on the Anti-Prejudice Consortium Board of Directors, American Intercontinental University School of Business Advisory Board, the Fulton County Workforce Investment Board of Directors, and the Fulton County Youth Council. He is also the former executive producer and host of The State of the Mind Address, a self-development television program.


Learn more about Al byCLICKING HERE!






Based on the books and research of:

Al Duncan





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The Class of 2012 is facing a difficult year to find a job. Now you can give them additional exposure to information they need to get their first interview, job and transition from campus to the corporate world!  

 Students will receive a certificate of participation to show employers.To secure your department's participation in this unique Webinar series, register today! 




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Listen to what others say! 

Wonderful opportunity!  Enjoyed the awesome presenters last year and am looking forward to another great year.  Thank you.

Thank you! Last year, I used the seminars extensively for hall presentations and in my job search classes--they were a terrific addition! I look forward to this year's presentations.


Your series was excellent last spring and I look forward to this fall's presentations.  Now I just need to get the students to take advantage.  Thanks so much! 


 We tested the webinars last spring and felt they were valuable and will invite students into our office suite this fall for the programs.  Thank you.


I'm excited that this series is being offered!


 Thoroughly enjoyed last year's sessions!  Happy to see that you are doing this again.  It looks like a great line-up! 


This is such a great series! we are so happy you are offering it again this fall! 


Thank you for providing this free service for us and our students - I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise!!


Great webinars. Thanks for the offer!


Thank you for offering enlightening, educational, accessible (in more ways than one) webinars.  We appreciate the time & generosity of knowledge of the speakers and their availability. Best wishes for continued success


Thank you for this opportunity!



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