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Expert Resume Writing Strategies for Graduating Students

Give yourself A Competitive Advantage with Powerful & Well-Positioned Resumes, Letters & Linkedin Profiles.









Wendy Enelow

The single most important thing to know about resumes is that they are not simply a listing of your academic credentials and work experience. Although those are key components in every graduating student’s resume, there are countless other factors to consider when writing and designing your own resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.   

  1. What can you do to make your resume stand out from the crowd of other graduating students with the same degrees?
  2. What information should you include to capture a hiring manager’s attention?
  3. How creative can you be in the visual presentation of your resume?   

Join me for this 1-hour program and you’ll get my 30 years of resume writing experience to guide your successful job search. 

Resume length is negotiable. Not every graduating student has to have a 1-page resume. 
Sell it; don’t tell it. Use your resume to highlight successes, academic honors, internships, work experience and more. Don’t just tell what you did it; sell how well you did it.  
Reweight skills and qualifications to showcase those most important to your current career goals. Even though you might not have as much experience in those areas, they’re the ones that matter the most so make them “front and center.”  

Make your documents keyword-rich. Keywords are the foundation of all electronic resume scanning systems. Without the “right” keywords, your resume will be passed over.  

Write to the future. Resumes shouldn’t rehash the past. Rather, they should leverage your past experience to position you for your future career opportunities.  
During this webinar, I will answer those questions and many others. In addition, I’ll share samples of best-in-class resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for graduating students so you’ll have a guide to follow when writing your own documents.

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