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Social Media - the NEW way to Network


Start building your Facebook, Twitter brand and Grow Your Network!






Natascha Saunders

A recent recruiting roundtable report found that nearly 80% of organizations use a social networking site for recruiting purposes, with LinkedIn and Facebook leading the pack.

What you will learn:

With this social media webinar, learn how to exploit the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and many others – to build your online image, be identified by industry leaders, develop  meaningful relationships with others in your industry, and position yourself as a knowledge expert in your field.

Who is this for:

This social media webinar is intended for career counselors and students who wish to learn the details about leveraging social media for their personal branding. No prior knowledge is required. Some of the areas the webinar will cover include:

  • Assess your Social Media presence?
  • Why use Social Media?
  • Using Social Media to find & follow the who’s who
  • What makes up your Social Media Brand? (Content, Network, Etiquette, Resume)
  • Make –the- Match (person → job → company)
  • Knowledge (Twitter/Twellow, Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, Video Resumes, LinkedIn )
  • Language (Tagging, Posting, Sharing, Tweets)
  • Success Stories/Examples
  • Resistance /Concerns
  • Just do it!

Don't miss this opportunity to pick up inside tips and ideas to effectively use Facebook as a networking and job search tool! 

  • Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months.
  • If facebook were a country it would be the 4th Largest in the World.  

Watch this presentation now!    

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Christine's session on choosing a career was incredible, I really enjoyed it!


I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago!




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