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Build a Successful Job Search Plan!

Take control of your career and life by giving yourself the best job search training available!


1)  Send fewer resumes
2)  Get  MORE intereviews
3)  Negotiate salaries and benefits


There is good news and bad news if you are entering the job market soon!

The good news is you are among the brightest most educated in your field of study.  The bad news is you are among millions of people who are in/or entering a job market that is the worst it’s been since the great depression.

Competition is stiff and yet, it’s not always the most qualified person that gets the job.  Many times the person that made a be.  Your college has provided you the best curriculum in the world to earn a degree in your field of study. However, if you are like most grads, you've invested little to no time to build a job search strategy.

That's where we can help you!

We’ve lined up some of the top career authors and experts in the world, to give you the skills, knowledge and tips you need to not only get a job, but the job you want. Our authors have created “master” classes in the fundamental job search skills you will need in:

  1. Developing "killer" resumes
  2. Designing and managing your job search
  3. Building a powerful network 

Each of these courses, include three lessons, handouts and resource information that will provide you a foundation for building a successful job search plan.

Your resume course will teach you:

  • How to create a powerful resume that includes keywords that will get it noticed
  • Proven techniques make your resume work for you
  • Advice on common mistakes others make that prevent them from getting on the short list

The 3 lessons in your job search course will show you:

  • How to build an effective job search strategy
  • Proven techniques to make a positive impression at your interviews
  • How to keep a positive attitude

Your networking course will help you adopt:

  • Effective techniques to build a personal network that will help you get interviews
  • Proven methods to network at events, conferences and family/friends
  • Advanced techniques to endear people to you by giving them what they need  


Your Job Search Strategy Course Includes:

  1. 3 courses that include three lessons from fundamentals to expert information
  2. 12 months participation in our CareerCoaching sessions designed to inspire, motivate and provide career guidance
  3. 6 month complimentary membership in CareerCompass a talent management and job matching service.  Over 70 tools to help you get noticed!
  4. One year access to CareerChat where our career advisors will direct you to the top career advice and information
  5. Lifetime access to CareerQuestion, a “crowd sourcing” career advisory tool
  6. One hour of GroupCoaching with our certified Career Coaches
  7. Assignment of CareerBuddies to use as a sounding board, practice interviewing and someone to share the ups and downs of job searching
  8. Access to our library of career advice and tools



You get all of this for only $695 - $495!


Bonus - Now all courses and resources are accessible by your computer, SmartPhone and SmartPad


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Be the person you were destined to be!  

Gain professional career advice and training, when you need it!





Why build a job search strategy?

  1. 80 percent of the last 3 graduation classes did NOT have a job by graduation day
  2. As a result, 80 percent will move home after graduating
  3. Six months without a job cost you $20,000 or more in lost income!
  4. Your student loans need to be paid back after you graduate! 

You've already invested 10,000 hours in class, research, writing reports, doing presentations and taking tests.  

How many hours have you invested in building your job search strategy? 


Here’s what we can do to change these odds!   

  • Build a fantastic resume and learn how to use it
  • Learn proven techniques to search for and interview for jobs
  • Build a larger professional network of supporters

Your courses are taught by:

  • Martin Yate who has sold over 5,000,000 books and is one of the top career authorities
  • Tony Beshara who Dr. Phil calls, "The best of the best in the career field"
  • Diane Darling, who overcame shyness to write two networking books & speak in 60 countries 

Martin Yate 

Tony Beshara

Diane Darling




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