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Remember the good old days?  
As recently as 2007, the percent of grads that had jobs by the time their president or dean handed their diploma to them was over 50%.   Since then, the number has plummeted to approximately 20%.
This creates a positive, and negative effect for your organization.
On the positive side:
  • More students will enroll for advanced degrees, hoping it, as well as an improved job market, would be their best option.  
  • At the same time, laid off employees, high school students, and those who had some college, will enroll in college in order to increase the likelihood they’d get a job.  

This increases enrollment and generates more revenue.  Ah, but eventually, it creates more work for you and your department!

On the negative side:
  • Graduates and their parents are questioning the value of their degree, and their investment in it.  You see it every day in news articles, blogs, and discussions at the water cooler, "Is college worth the $100,000 investment?"
  • We are entering an era where political, government, and customer demands, will require you to post job placement information in more prominent locations.  Imagine a student having to sign a document (similiar to closing on a house) where they acknowledge they have seen the employment stats of your college.  

Congress is already requiring for- profit colleges to prove their students are getting "gainful employment" so they can pay back their loans.    And, just recently the American Bar Association announced that  law schools will provide employment information to the U.S News & World Report. Spokespersons for U.S. News & World Report indicate this will change college rankings.

What's the point?

  • Is your upper management looking at the long term effects of this on admissions, student retention and contributions? 
  • While the number of students securing a job by the time they graduated plummeted, did your management invest more money and resources in your department? 
If you are like most organizations – they haven't!
This recorded webinar will help you:
  1. Take away ideas on how you can get management to get ahead of these issues
  2. Learn how your peers are taking the entrepreneurial route, and generating “non earmarked” revenue to acquire additional resources
Join the discussion.  
We’ll give you ideas to help build your Career Center’s Career strategies in an uncertain world. You'll be doing your graduates and their parents a huge favor, plus you'll bring additional respect and recognition to your Career Center.


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Steven Rothberg, is the founder of CollegeRecruiter.com, the highest traffic job board targeted to college students who are searching for internships and recent graduates who are searching for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. Clients of CollegeRecruiter.com are primarily recruiters, hiring managers, and other human resource professionals who pay to advertise their organization's job openings through the posting of job advertisements, targeted email campaigns, cell phone text messaging campaigns, banner ads, and other such tools. Linkedin CV
Don Philabaum is one of the early pioneers in building online community. Don founded a company in 1995 that built over 300 alumni online communities that connected and engaged millions of alumni worldwide. Don is the author of "Internet Dough", "Engage Customers Online", "Alumni Online Engagement", "Create a NET-Centered College Campus" and numberous white papers including "Facebook for the Executive Suite".   Don is co-founder of TalentMarks a firm that is dedicated to provide online curriculum for Career Centers and graduates designed to help more grads get jobs! Linkedin CV









Proven ideas to generate more support for your department!



Use these situations to request more resources! 

  • Colleges are beginning to publish employment stats.  You need to place more students to make your stats - look great!
  • The U.S. News and World Report is starting this fall to rank Law Schools based on grads ability to get jobs
  • Prospective students, students, alumni, and parents are expecting your office to help them get a job
  • Congress passed the "Gainful Employment" legislation that will, in the not to distant future, be required of non profit colleges too! 


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