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College Scorecard - Career Center's New Best Friend!


The College Scorecard is reaching its one year anniversary, and it is starting to look like it will make your Career Center the most important department on campus!

Join me for a complimentary webinar where we’ll look at:

  • How you can leverage the requirements of the College Scorecard to increase resources in your department
  • The Student Right to Know Act Before You Go Act of 2013 and how it will affect your department
  • 25 Surveys and reports you can use to support your need for more resources

You will walk away with facts, stats, and information you can use to build support on your campus and to get all constituents, faculty, administrators, alumni, parents, and –yes-- students focused on careers.  

You will also gain an insight about how you can begin to create a career-centered college campus that will continue to attract new students and impress the businesses that will someday employ them.

Thursday, January 15th, 11-12 AM EST

Tuesday, January 20th, 3-4 PM EST

Wednesay, January 28th, 2-3 PM EST







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