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Interview Career Authors and Experts

Gain experience and build your portfolio!


This spring we are assembling 50 top authors and career experts to learn their secrets in 30 minute interviews.

We are looking for qualified journalism, communication and TV majors who are comfortable interviewing via phone, or Skype.  This is not a full time or even part time position.  Consider this a project that adds relevant experience to your resume!

These interviews will be heard by graduating seniors and alumni. Students listening to these interviews will learn interviewing, resume, networking, self branding tips and expert guidance on how to use Linkedin, Facebook and other Social Media to get jobs.

Here’s how the program will work!

We’ll assign a minimum of 3 authors/experts to you and provide you their contact information so you can schedule an interview with them. They will be expecting your call and are excited to share their expertise. We’ve asked them to provide us a list of questions that will help you frame the questions most people want to know the answers to. There is no financial compensation unless you do more than 3 interviews.

Most of the interviews will be conducted via phone or Skype and can be scheduled at your convenience. If you are interested in additional details, please send a message to:

  • dphilabaum on Skype or
  • email info@talentmarks.com

Include your resume and any information you think relevant.

Positions will be filled by February 1st.  All interviews will be finished by March 15th.


  • Your own computer
  • Headset
  • Ability to edit your interview helpful
  • Experience at interviewing helpful




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Interview career experts and authors!

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  • Meet interesting people!








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