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 Transitioning from Campus to Corporate

Online Course provide knowledge, skills and behaviors to make stellar hires that will help you.. 

Accelerate Leadership development
Increase employee productivity
Build a high performance culture


TalentMarks provides a monthly online class that gives your new college hire the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully transition from their college dorm to your corporate office.  They will learn techniques for continual self-improvement, how to be a team player, how to support their boss, how to participate in meetings, ethics and leadership skills. 

They will receive assignments to view author interviews, read resource materials, books, participate in our online community and complete their career planning guides and reports for you. Each month participants will provide their managers a summary of what they learned and how they will implement that knowledge to help meet specific department goals.

Here is an outline of the six month curriculum. 

1) Developing a foundation of continual self improvement 

  • Gain a clear understanding of your job description
  • Conduct a self assessment monthly and share it with your team
  • Learn what others responsibilities are and how you can help them
  • Learn how to increase your output
  • Identify how you can improve your quality
  • How to get and take feedback from your peers
  • Learn how to improve the system
  • Continue to learn about the company outside your area of responsibility
  • Develop a company career plan and share it with your boss

2) Being an effective team player

  • Identify the different type of teams and outcomes expected
  • Learn the positions and responsibilities of team leaders
  • Understand how to work effectively in teams
  • Identify the typical problems teams face and how to overcome them
  • Learn roles and responsibilities
  • Learn how to debate and negotiate 
  • Outlining goals and deadlines
  • Reaching outside the group for solutions
  • Techniques to test solutions prior to final decisions

3) Techniques to develop a successful relationship with management

  • Understand what the boss’s role is
  • Learn what is required to support the boss
  • Learn what the boss expects
  • Identify how the boss wants you to interact with him/her
  • Learn the format and style of reports management expects

4) Participating in, and leading successful meetings

  • Understand the structure and goal of meetings
  • Negative issues that happen in meetings and how to overcome them
  • Identifying what participants role and responsibilities are
  • Understand how to prepare for meetings
  • Tips on how to take notes and keep track of obligations and due dates
  • How to follow up on meetings

5) Building a solid ethical foundation

  • What is ethics?
  • Examples of corporations that disregarded their ethics
  • The difference between personal and corporate ethics
  • Identifying a personal line in the sand?
  • Create a written personal mission and ethics statement.
  • What to do when personal and corporate ethics collide.
  • The importance of sharing and auditing your ethics

6) Leadership

  • Traits of a leader
  • How to follow the leader!
  • Examples of great leaders
  • Finding the leader in you
  • How to turn your passion into inspiration

Each of your new hires will receive:

  1. 6 - sixty-ninety minute online classes
  2. Course workbook to take notes and build their career strategy
  3. Career resources tools
  4. Access to author interviews
  5. Membership in career online community
  6. Access to our monthly career Webinars


Give your new college hires the support, advice and resources they need to be successful!


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“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes” 

Career Center Advisor at a State College


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