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November is National Career Development Month!

New series encourages students, grads and alumni to take ownership of their careers!

November is being celebrated as National Career Development Month and we’ve added a number of special events and activities to your career community to give you additional opportunities to make a difference in your alumni’s lives.

On each Tuesday in November we are focusing on career exploration and planning

The format is slightly different then the Career Speaker Series.  On the first Tuesday of November we’ll have a presentation by a well-known author and then follow up the next Tuesday with a panel discussion with certified career coaches who will share their thoughts and insights to the author’s presentation and field questions on the audience.   We’ll repeat that schedule the third and fourth Tuesday.

We’ve also lined up a number of career coaches who will be manning the discussion boards to answer additional questions from the audience.  We anticipate a great deal of conversation and ideas flowing!

This is an excellent promotion that enables you to:

  • Build the alumni brand around career programming and use it to engage alumni.
  • Connect with the Career Center and encourage students to join your career community.

As with all series your team does not need to be involved in any of the planning, or management of the series.  We’ll provide you marketing materials to share with your career center and to include in your newsletters, social media marketing channels and to hand out at events. 


Here’s the schedule of events for Career Development Month  

November 4th  - 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

We kick off Career Development Month with a presentation by Nicholas Lore, author of Now What and the Pathfinder series.  Nicholas will share unique ways to identify career paths and how to break the mold

November 11th -  8:00 – 9:00 PM EST

We’ve lined up a panel of career experts who will field questions from the audience.  These panel discussion will utilize Google Hangouts to enable the audience to see the career coaches too!   The panel will pick up on the ideas and concepts share the previous week by Nicholas and expand on them.

November 18th  - 12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Our second author presenting during Career Development Month is Shoya Zichy, author of Career Match.  Shoya will focus on career changes; how to identify what to do, what you must do before making a career change and how to find the right job within the career of choice.

November 25th  - 8:00 – 9:00 PM EST

In a month to be thankful our panel of career experts will wrap up the month with a quick overview of their take aways from the previous author’s presentation and then take on questions from the audience in a Google Hangout.  To keep the conversation going participants will be encouraged to join the online discussion board.



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