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FAQ’s about TalentTeam 

  1. What is a TalentCoach?
  2. What is a TalentManager?
  3. What is a TalentAgent?
  4. What is a TalentMentor

1) What is a TalentCoach?

Our TalentCoaches provide one on one guidance and support.  TalentCoaches are accredited professionals who get to know you and what makes you tick.  Their experience has shown them which questions to pose when to help you find the path you were destined to take.   Details click here!

2) What is a TalentManager?

You have recognized that the titles of our support teams are similar to terms you hear in the movie industry.  Actors have acting coaches that help them prepare for auditions, managers to help them develop a career strategy and agents that promote them. 

3) What is a TalentAgent?

Our TalentAgents are actively out in the market promoting you and learning where the new opportunities are.  Their job is to introduce opportunities and set up interviews

4) What is a TalentMentor?

TalentMentors are volunteer alumni who have agreed to introduce you and network you through their network and to other alumni.  These are die hard alumni who love their alma mater and are committed to sing the praises of the traditions, athletics, curriculum, faculty and alumni.




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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” 

Albert Einstein


Build your own own career "dream team"

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