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FAQ’s of Parents 

  1. What does the employment landscape look like for students this year?
  2. My student’s college has a career center.  Aren’t they getting this kind of training?
  3. How will this help my student get a job?
  4. Can I be notified of my student’s progress?
  5. What is the difference between taking a class with a TalentCoach and an online Live Class?
  6. What is a TalentCoach?
  7. What is a TalentManager?
  8. What is a TalentAgent?
  9. What is a TalentMentor?


1) What does employment look like for students this year?

Not good!  Surveys by the National Association of Career Executives is showing only a 1% increase in hiring of graduating seniors.  When you consider less than 25 percent of last years graduates had a job lined up by graduation day, it’s looking pretty grim.  Your graduate is not only competing with the 15 million unemployed but those that have graduated in the past 3 years who are still struggling to get jobs that match their degree knowledge and skills.

2) Isn't the career center providing this kind of training?

According to national statistics the average state college spends $1,000 to enroll a student private schools spend as much as $3,000.  The focus in higher education is to bring revenue in the door, consequently the vast majority of Career Centers are underfunded and understaffed.  It’s not unusual for a career center professional to be responsible for 300 – 600 students.  As a result, they just can’t provide personalized coaching to the degree TalenMarks offers.

3) How will this help my student get a job?

Our discussions with hiring managers suggests graduating students are clueless on how to interview, present themselves and follow up on the opportunities presented to them.  Our curriculum is designed to shore up these shortcomings and make sure your graduates don’t make the common mistakes we know they make, and to help them identify which industries and organizations will give them a chance to grow and prosper.

4) Can I be notified of my student’s progress?

Absolutely.  Your student will be able to share their login information with you so you can be alerted to their progress in creating their career goals and strategies.

5) What is the difference between taking a class with a TalentCoach and an online Live Class?

The TalentCoach follows similar curriculum but has only one student, your student!  That provides maximum personal attention.  It gives the TalentCoach the opportunity to ask direct questions and encourage students to explore their thoughts.  The end result is a more personalized dialogue, one in which your student will have the full commitment, attention and resources of the TalentCoach.

6) What is a TalentCoach?

Our TalentCoaches provide one on one guidance and support.  TalentCoaches are accredited professionals who get to know you and what makes you tick.  Their experience has shown them which questions to pose when to help you find the path you were destined to take.   Details click here!

7) What is a TalentManager?

You have recognized that the titles of our support teams are similar to terms you hear in the movie industry.  Actors have acting coaches that help them prepare for auditions, managers to help them develop a career strategy and agents that promote them. 

8) What is a TalentAgent?

Our TalentAgents are actively out in the market promoting you and learning where the new opportunities are.  Their job is to introduce opportunities and set up interviews

9) What is a TalentMentor?

TalentMentors are volunteer alumni who have agreed to introduce you and network you through their network and to other alumni.  These are die hard alumni who love their alma mater and are committed to sing the praises of the traditions, athletics, curriculum, faculty and alumni.





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“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes”

Career Center Advisor at a State College

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