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Online career courses and career coaching integrated into an innovative e-learning and engagement platform 

You have a difficult job! 

You have to prepare more graduates for fewer employment opportunities, with less department resources!  Plus, there are many who will blame your department for not helping grads get jobs even though polls show the majority of grads invest less than 5 hours per week looking or a job, and few have  a career plan!

To help you help your grads, we've developed CareerCourses.  CareerCourses is an e-learning and engagement platform that provides online career courses, career coaching and advice for students and alumni.  

CareerCourses will help you:

  • Reach and serve more students.
  • Deliver career curriculum 24/7.
  • Provide your students more personalized career advice. 

CareerCourses will help your students:

  • Build a dynamic personal brand.
  • Develop a powerful Social Media strategy.
  • Organize and manage their  job search.
  • Prepare for and “nail” interviews.
  • Build an active professional network of career supporters.

Our courses are designed, produced, and narrated by an exclusive group of the nation's top career authors and experts.  Each are noted for their expertise, and are sought after speakers, who are paid thousands of dollars to speak on:

  • Resume preparation
  • Job search
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Interviewing skills

Research suggests e-learning tools like ours helps increase knowledge retention by 25%. Your students will be able to take any of the courses, review additional resources provided and discuss the concepts with classmates.

To make sure students are getting live feedback, and an opportunity to ask questions, they can participate in online meetings via phone or Webcam.  


 CareerCourses includes:

  1. Online career courses of your choice (networking, job search, social media, etc)
  2. Grad Career Toolkit with 70 plus tools and videos from career experts.
  3. Group career coaching sessions.
  4. Student dashboard and online career advice tool.
  5. Additional live and recorded career Webinars.


In the end, students get jobs faster, with less effort!

And that’s not all!

  • Your admissions office will have a powerful new message to share with prospective students, and their parents.
  • Your retention committee will recognize that students who are focused on their careers will stay in college.
Contact us today to learn how you can use career courses to prepare your grads for their first professional job search!


















  Three Reasons!

There are three reasons why you should be moving in this direction: 

1.     The government will, in the not too distant future, require you to post job placement statistics.

2.     Students and parents are expecting their degree to get them a job. 

3.     Your competitors, both online and physical campuses will be moving in this direction! 

Consider implementing a pilot program of CareerCourses to get your college ahead of these issues, and your competitors! 



















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