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You've answered the same questions hundreds of times, now you can answer it once!


If you are like other career professionals, about 80 percent of the questions you handle  are very similar.

With students at the beginning of their career exploration and planning, they tend to be struggling with the same issues.  We found a way to use technology to answer similar questions while at the same time giving students access to a rich library of unique questions and responses.

We built into Career Gear, our online e-learning career platform, a powerful career question community that will enable students to view recent, most popular questions and search for relevant responses.

Students will also be able to:

  • Vote on their favorite questions and responses.
  • Elect to be notified when new comments are shared.
  • Quickly jump from one career category to another.

With Career Gear, when your office is closed and your students have questions they need answered, they can get their answer, on their SmartPhone, SmartPad, or computer, using your innovative career question community.

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We want to help you develop a virtual Career Center! 

Check out our other innovative services and tools designed to help your students get noticed, get interviews and get jobs.  

Our services are designed to help your Career Center:

  1. Reach more students
  2. Expand your services
  3. Increase placements

In a day and age where you have to "do more with less" our services are designed to increase services without any additional work by your staff.


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