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Four year career planning curriculum that will give your students the skills and knowledge to get a job by graduation day!


Do your students have a process to follow to build their career plan and job search strategy?

In survey's we've conducted over the past year we found that less than 5% of grads have a written career and job search strategy.

The typical grad's job search technique is - "wing it!"

That was ok for grads prior to 2007 when over 60% of grads nationwide had jobs by graduation day, but not in today's environment.   Today's grads need to build their online brand while they are in college. They need to connect with hundreds of alumni on LinkedIn by the time they graduate, and they need to have learned the subtleties of networking, interviewing,  building a resume and job search strategy.  None of this can be accomplished in the final weeks of college.

Without a plan - grads spend a few hours on job boards, sigh in disappointment, close their laptop, and remain unemployed or accept jobs where they are underemployed!

No one is born with job search knowledge or skills!

For nearly graduate entering the job market, job search skill are learned through trial and error.  But, it doesn't make sense to let your grads figure this out on their own, when they are expected to go through it 10-14 times by the time they are 38 years old.

We've created a methodology and process that will deliver the skills, knowledge and information your students will need to have a job by graduation day. 

  Our four year CareerPlan includes:

  1. Workbook for freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year
  2. Exercises to test students comprehension of information
  3. Access to monthly career author webinars
  4. Access to monthly career coaching webinar
  5. Career videos

Plus, specific tasks, information and research they should do at the career center. 

It's impossible for grads to explore career and job opportunities,  pick up job search skills,  and master Social Media job search strategies a few weeks prior to graduation.  They need to follow a process, a plan that will provide the right curriculum and content when they need it during their college years.

In the end, students get jobs faster, with less effort!

And that’s not all!

  • Your admissions office will have a powerful new message to share with prospective students, and their parents.
  • Your retention committee will recognize that students who are focused on their careers will stay in college.


Contact us today to discuss how you can start a pilot program on your campus!


















  Four Year Career Plan

Each year, your student will be able to absorb career resources designed to maximize their chances of having  a job by graduation day: 

  1. Freshman year will focus on career exploration, career planning and networking.
  2. Sophomore year will focus on exploring industries, companies, positions and building an online brand. 
  3. Junior year will focus on learning the 18 soft skills businesses expect new hires to have and learning job search.
  4. Senior year will focus on learning guerilla career marketing techniques and mistakes first time job seekers make.

Consider implementing a pilot program of CareerPlan to get your grads a job by graduation day.


























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