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Get parents to work for you by encouraging them to require their student to visit the career center and take ownership of his/her career!


We’ve had the pleasure of serving nearly a 1,000 career centers over the past two years, and one of the  most challenging problems we’ve learned career centers face (besides staffing, and funding) is getting students to take ownership of their career.

From a student’s perspective, the career center is just a club on campus that has little appeal, or value to them – until they graduate!   We’d like to change that!

Parents as partners

Parents are sending their kids to college - not to just become better citizens - but to ensure they will have a successful career!   Parents want their kids to have a job by graduation day! 

That’s why we’ve created the CareerParents online community.  

The program is designed to show parents the risks their student will face if he/she does not invest time in career exploration, career planning, and learning job search strategies.   When parents understand this - they encourage their student to take ownership of their career and utilize the services provided by the career center

Here’s how the CareerParents online community works!    

CareerParents is primarily targeted at incoming freshmen students, but any parent can participate.

Your student's parents will receive:

  1. A copy of the book The Employed Grad, Knowledge, Strategies & Skills Your Grad Will Need to Get a Job. (or a PDF of the book)
  2. An invite to view 6 on demand videos that will reinforce what their role should be to encourage their son, or daughter take ownership of his, or her career.
  3. Access to monthly webinars featuring career authors, coaches, hiring managers, career center professionals, and students who graduated - with and without jobs!
  4. A monthly eNewsletter that will share tips, ideas, and techniques parents can share with their students on how to build a successful career strategy.
  5. Access to online parent discussions where parents with similar situations, as well as career coaches can share ideas and solutions.

All of this is built into a customized and BRANDED online community.  Your logo, school colors and customized information will make the parents think your organization has created, organized and is managing this process.  

But you aren't, we do that for YOU! 

Who is using CareerParents?

  • Career centers are CareerParents to get parents to work with them to encourage students to take ownership of their careers.
  • Admissions offices are using it to show the parents of prospective students that their college has a plan to help their kids build successful career strategies.
  • Alumni Associations are using it to increase participation in their Parent Assocation.
  • Presidents are using CareerParents as a way of showing their college's leadership.

It’s simple to add this program!


Because we do all the work!  It's turnkey.

We provide you a customized, branded, CareerParent online community that will deliver the videos, webinars, and we even send the monthly eNewsletter.  

This is a powerful parent engagement program that  your college needs to be a part of.


  1. Research is showing parents and students are expecting the college to do more to help them explore careers and get jobs.
  2. Parents, the media, government agencies are going to continue to look at employment rates and what colleges are, or are not doing, to improve them.
  3. Recent studies by the Career Advisory Board shows career professionals like yourself believe student lack of motivation to build a career startegy is preventing you from doing your job! 


Contact us today to learn how you can start your own CareerParents program!  

















 CareerParents will increase:

  • Retention 
  • Internships
  • Grads with jobs by graduation day

And more grads will finish college on time! 




The CareerParents program is organized around the information, exercises and knowledge shared in the book,



You can provide parents either a paperback edition of the book or a PDF of the book.


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