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Effortless Way to Bring Mentors and Mentees Together & use Social Media, Leaderboards, Points, Badges and Crowdsourcing to Keep Them Active

Half the battle in offering a mentoring program to alumni and students is to get everyone started and then keeping them engaged!

The Alumni Attitude Study gave colleges many things to boast about. 

Overall, alumni gave their alma mater high marks for the experience, opportunity, and the effect of their education.  However, when it came to helping alumni with their careers, the surveys showed a deep dissatisfaction with the college’s attention to helping them launch, and lead a successful career.

One specific area survey participants rated poorly was connecting alumni.   Alumni know better than most the power of the alumni network, but felt the college was not putting enough resources to help them tap into it.

CareerMentor uses the power and reach of the alumni network and simple, elegant, scalable technology to connect mentors and mentees anytime, anywhere, and with any device.  

CareerMentor will provide you:

  • Analytics and data to see who is participating
  • A recognition and rewards system to increase activity
  • Effortless integration into your CareerCommunity

CareerMentor will provide your alumni:

  • Easy to use LinkedIn sorting and filtering to find the right mentor
  • Process both mentor and mentee can follow
  • Active mentoring relationships

One of the biggest issues you face when starting a mentoring program is not just getting both alumni and students involved, but keeping them involved.  That's why we incorporated social media, leaderboards, award points, badges and crowdsourcing techniques.  Each of these increase recognition of the program through users social media channels and increase the desire to participate.


In our opinion a mentoring relationship has to have an overall objective and goals. 

CareerMentor is designed to force mentors and mentees to set these prior to the engagement and both work within the time frame committed to complete them.  This process keeps both parties moving forward and encourages mentees to completing their tasks, and move on to the rest.  The program is designed so mentees gain the experience and wisdom of multiple mentors


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CareerMentor provides an easy way for your alumni and students to connect using the power and reach of LinkedIn.

Designed to produce results, both mentor and mentee agree on an outcome and the steps that will get them there within a defined period of time.  It also includes social media, points, badges and leaderboards to increase participation.  

CareerMentor will increase:

  • Satisfaction
  • Connections
  • Engagements
  • Contributions






































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