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 FAQ’s for CareerChat



  1. What is CareerChat?
  2. Do you personalize it with our logo?
  3. Can you recommend links, information and services on our website?
  4. How does it benefit students?
  5. What kind of staff time does this require?
  6. What hours is the CareerChat in operation?
  7. How do we get started?


1. What is CareerChat?

CareerChat delivers top information and resources to your students whenever they need it.  Students don’t have time to come to the CareerCenter to ask questions, but they can access your website and ask any career question to our advisors.

2. Do you personalize it with our logo?

Yes we do.  We’ll give you a couple lines of code to add to your website that will show a student can start an online chat. The graphic you will put on your page will have your logo.

3. Can you recommend links, information and services on our website?

Yes.  We not only customize the graphic, but we can customize the type of information we share with your students.  We can direct them to any information on your page/

4. How does it benefit students?

Your students gain access to information at anytime from any device.  During off hours we accumulate questions and answer the following day.

5. What kind of staff time does this require?

None!  We do all the work!

6. What hours is the CareerChat in operation?

You decide!

7.How do we get started?

Just give us a call.












“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes”

Career Center Advisor at a State College

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Take advantage of this opportunity today!


The Class of 2012 is facing a difficult year to find a job. Now you can give them additional exposure to information they need to get their first interview, job and transition from campus to the corporate world!  

 Students will receive a certificate of participation to show employers.To secure your department's participation in this unique Webinar series, register today! 




 When you register, you will receive flyers, handouts, press releases & marketing ideas to increase student participation. 


Listen to what others say! 

Wonderful opportunity!  Enjoyed the awesome presenters last year and am looking forward to another great year.  Thank you.

Thank you! Last year, I used the seminars extensively for hall presentations and in my job search classes--they were a terrific addition! I look forward to this year's presentations.


Your series was excellent last spring and I look forward to this fall's presentations.  Now I just need to get the students to take advantage.  Thanks so much! 


 We tested the webinars last spring and felt they were valuable and will invite students into our office suite this fall for the programs.  Thank you.


I'm excited that this series is being offered!


 Thoroughly enjoyed last year's sessions!  Happy to see that you are doing this again.  It looks like a great line-up! 


This is such a great series! we are so happy you are offering it again this fall! 


Thank you for providing this free service for us and our students - I wouldn't be able to do it otherwise!!


Great webinars. Thanks for the offer!


Thank you for offering enlightening, educational, accessible (in more ways than one) webinars.  We appreciate the time & generosity of knowledge of the speakers and their availability. Best wishes for continued success


Thank you for this opportunity!



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