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Your students can be directed to top career advice on any device

Your students’ schedules keep them busy! 

They are involved in clubs, projects, sports and many have even part time jobs.  That coupled with the rigorous demands placed on them by their current class load leaves little time for them to visit the Career Center and work on their career skills and job search.

That’s where Career Chat can help!

Career Chat is an online widget you simply place on your website or Facebook Fan page that gives them access to career information they need, when they need it!  Your students are looking for advice and information on:

Career Exploration Networking            
Social Media Interviewing
Resumes Job Search
Finding Mentors Leadership

We continously search the Internet to find the best career:

  • Videos
  • Audio interviews
  • eBooks
  • Career tools
  • Reports
  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs

Your students simply type in what they need help with and our career advisors instantly provide them feedback and direct them to additional information.

Find out how your college can get started for as little as $19.95 per month.  You can't afford, not to adopt this time saving tool!

Keep your Career Center open to students 24/7 by delivering career advice via any device!  Call to learn how!





















We want to help you develop a virtual Career Center!

Check out our other innovative services and tools designed to help your students get noticed, get interviews and get jobs.  

Our services are designed to help your Career Center:

  1. Reach more students
  2. Expand your services
  3. Increase placements

In a day and age where you have to "do more with less" our services are designed to increase services without any additional work by your staff.


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