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Student Internship Provides Real World Interviewing Experience of Authors

Students interview career experts and gain advice for graduates and alumni

TalentMarks, the world leader in providing career coaching to graduating seniors and alumni, announced today an internship that provides college students an opportunity to gain interviewing skills and experience.

According to Don Philabaum, CEO of TalentMarks,
“PR, Journalism, TV and Communication students are receiving top training at colleges and universities around the globe, but the one thing they need more of is real-life interviewing skills. Our student Intern program gives students an opportunity to interview world renown authors and career experts.  It’s a fantastic way for them to test drive their skills and build their portfolio”.
TalentMarks Intern curriculum includes an orientation to the goals and mission of the company, an overview of the objectives of the author interviews, tips on how to keep an interview moving at a fast pace, and ideas on how to close with a summary that brings the interview together for the author and the listener. 

Interviews are conducted by Skype or Google via audio or video.  If the author is comfortable with web cams, the interviews are conducted via video and edited to replicate talk show interviews where two distant participants are on the same screen.

The interviews are published and made available to members of the TalentMarks Career Community via any computer, at any time or even from their phones.  Facebook Plugins give the viewers the opportunity to share comments and their questions to their News Feeds and to the community at large.   Students include the interviews in their portfolios.

Career Centers, students interested in more details should email info@talentmarks.com or call 800-849-1762.

About Talentmarks 

TalentMarks is a world leader in providing relevant, high quality curriculum to college career centers, students and alumni.  The company provides online career courses and career and life coaching for students.  Make your ‘Mark” learn more about TalentMarks today.

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