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Parents Worried about Grads Getting Jobs & Paying Off College Loans
New career coaching program helps college seniors prepare for their job search
Studies are showing:
  • More than 80% of graduating seniors do NOT have jobs by graduation day!
  • Unemployment for those under 25 is nearly 20%
  • 80% percent of college graduates are moving back home after they graduate
  • Graduates are not prepared for their interviews and their job search
After spending tens of thousands of dollars, on their child’s education, parents are understandably worried about their student's chances of getting a job.
Now parents can protect their investment in their student’s education and increase their chances of getting noticed in a very crowded job market.
Talentmarks provides a suite of experts, consultants, mentors, and coaches that will help graduates in career exploration, job search skills, interviewing, networking, using social media like Linkedin and
Facebook, to build a network and much more.
TalentMarks has developed unique relationships with Career Centers and Alumni Associations to provide students with a suite of advisors to help them get jobs.  TalentCoaches provide one on one virtual coaching to graduates on a core curriculum.  TalentMentors are alumni volunteers that network them with their business and alumni contacts.  
TalentAgents actively promote and market the student through the business connections and networks the student built and TalentManagers oversee the entire process to make sure the student has the right knowledge, skills, and connections.
Don Philabaum, CEO of TalentMarks suggest,
” It’s no secret that students are unprepared for their career search.  Career Centers have great staff but they are overworked and can’t give individual attention to students. TalentMark’s team of professionals literally swoop in and provides each graduating senior one on one attention.  We make sure the student knows how to present themselves, how to manage their job search, network and interview successfully.“ 
Parents are invited to attend a Webinar to learn how to help their grads - plan, organize and execute their job search!
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“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes”

Career Center Advisor at a State College


Build your own own career "dream team"

  • TalentCoach
  • TalentManager
  • TalentAgent
  • TalentMentor 

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