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TalentMarks Delivers Customers to Career Coaches

Coaches can tap into a new program that will automatically deliver customers!
Graduating seniors are facing smaller salaries and a more competitive employment landscape than any previous class. However, surveys of HR professionals indicate they are not prepared for the job search and interview process.
The vast majority of graduating seniors spend most of their senior year focused on completing their graduation requirements, leading groups, clubs, and organizations.  Others are working part time and are unable to visit the Career Center during its normal business hours.
According to Don Philabaum, CEO of TalentMarks, the Career Center should no longer be considered a place.
“College students today live in a virtual world and they expect services to be delivered to them anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  Our mission is to provide a convenient channel for graduating seniors to learn personal branding, interviewing skills, job search techniques, how to use social media, and build a personal network.”
TalentMarks has developed unique relationships with Career Centers and Alumni Associations to provide students with a suite of advisers to help them get jobs.  TalentCoaches provide one on one virtual coaching to graduates on a core curriculum.
TalentMentors are alumni volunteers that network them with their business and alumni contacts. TalentAgents actively promote and market the student through the business connections and networks the student built and TalentManagers oversee the entire process to make sure the student has the right knowledge, skills, and connections.
To help the Class of 2011 prepare for their job search, TalentMarks is expanding its TalentCoaching team.  TalentCoaches manage their own schedule, client base, and coach students via social media, online community and Internet video communication tools.
According to Philabaum,
“One of the hardest things for career coaches is finding customers. Our unique relationship and marketing efforts not only builds an interest and desire for career coaching but delivers customers right to career coaches”. 
Interested Career Coaches are invited to attend an introductory Webinar.   Full time, part time, and individuals who are interested in building their coaching practice are invited to attend.

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“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes”

Career Center Advisor at a State College


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