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College Career Centers Ramp Up Services to Students

TalentMarks provides financially strapped Career Centers with new tools to prepare graduates for careers

If departmental funding per student served as an indication of where college administrators placed a department’s importance to the overall health of the college, the Career Center would fall near the bottom.

While admissions offices spend as much as $3000 to recruit a student, many Career Centers operate on 1/10 of that amount.  It’s not unusual for a Career Center to run their centers on less than $300 per graduating student.   

But that’s starting to change.  

The recent congressional spot light on for-profit colleges could introduce regulation requiring them to show and prove that their graduates are obtaining “gainful employment”.  The response of the for-profit colleges has been to suggest that nonprofit colleges should be subject to the same, or similar regulations.  That doesn’t bode well for nonprofit colleges who are seeing only 25% of their graduates get a job by the time they graduate.  This kind of oversight could be cause enormous disruptions in the way nonprofit colleges do business.

While this debate has been raging, TalentMarks has been working behind the scenes to provide affordable, high tech, high touch career courses and coaching to graduating seniors when they need it. The goal is to help provide professional, relevant curriculum to college seniors and show prospective students, parents, graduating seniors, alumni, and legislatures they are serious about helping their graduates launch successful careers.

TalentMarks now provides 3 interactive, online programs to help graduates identify the right career path, organize, and execute their job search.  The services include:

  • Career Courses
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Call

There are four live and on demand career courses.  

  1. Career Exploration helps them identify which career path takes advantage of their skills, interest and passions.  
  2. Preparing for the Career Search helps them identify their brand, resume and social media best practices and where to begin their job search.  
  3. Executing the Job Search will show them where to start their search, how to successfully handle interviews, and show them how to use their network.  
  4. Building Your Network will teach them how to build a powerful network, nurture it, and even build a board of advisors to guide their career.

TalentMarks also works with top Career Coaches to provide students with one on one coaching to prepare them for their career and living on their own.  Affordable career coaching is designed to help students achieve their hopes and dreams.

With the average Career Center overwhelmed with the day to day responsibilities of running their center, it leaves little time for students to get answers to their immediate questions.  TalentMarks Career Call program enables any student to call and talk to a live Career Coach who will listen to their question and needs, provide immediate feedback, and/or direct them to information or resources they need.

All of these programs are designed to beef up the services offered to students, offer them when they need them and increase the number of students who get jobs.  The payoff is priceless!

About Talentmarks 

TalentMarks is a world leader in providing relevant, high quality curriculum to college career centers, students and alumni.  The company provides online career courses and career and life coaching for students.  Make your Mark - Learn more about TalentMarks today!


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