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5 Reasons Grads Don't Get Jobs!
Interviews suggest lack of written career plan, poor communication skills, networking, and interviewing skills!
TalentMarks has conducted interviews with hundreds of career experts, coaches, and hiring managers to learn about employment opportunities, career readiness, and what they think of graduates’ job search strategies
There were 5 primary themes that stood out.
  1. Grads don’t have a written career plan
  2. They don’t know how to communicate that their skills will help the organization and as a result fail to make good impressions in interviews
  3. Few have the kind of networking skills necessary to find a job
  4. Most pin their hopes on one or two opportunities rather than throwing a larger net and expanding their search
  5. A majority don’t spend enough time searching for a job

While the economy is partly responsible for graduate unemployment, the above 5 issues increase the likelihood that graduates will be a part of the:

  • Nearly 80% that don’t have jobs by graduation day
  • 80% that are moving back home after they graduate
TalentMarks offers Online Career Experts and classes
After spending tens of thousands of dollars on their child’s education, parents are understandably worried about their students’ chances of getting a job, paying back loans, and their future. Now parents can protect their investment in their student’s education and increase their chances in getting noticed in a very crowded job market.
Talentmarks provides a suite of experts, consultants, mentors, and coaches that will help graduates in career exploration, job search skills, interviewing, networking, using social media like Linkedin and Facebook, to build a network and much more. 
TalentMarks also provides four live and on demand career courses.  
  1. Career Exploration helps them identify which career path takes advantage of their skills, interest and passions.  
  2. Preparing for the Career Search helps them identify their brand, resume and social media best practices, and where to begin their job search.  
  3. Executing the Job Search will show them where to start their search, how to successfully handle interviews, and show them how to use their network.  
  4. And, Building Your Network will teach them how to build a powerful network, nurture it, and even build a board of advisor to guide their career.
Don Philabaum, CEO of TalentMarks suggests, 
” Colleges do an excellent job giving them the curriculum necessary to satisfy their degree requirements.  However, most do not have the time or resources to provide all graduates with the kind of individual attention they need to create a written career strategy and to coach them. TalentMark’s team of professionals literally swoops in and provides each graduating senior one on one attention.  We make sure the student knows how to present themselves, how to manage their job search, network, and interview successfully“ 
Parents and students are invited to attend a Webinar to learn how TalentMarks can help their graduates stand out, get interviews, and have the career they dream of by attending an informative online Webinar.
Visit http://www.talentmarks.com/misc/webinars.aspx 

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“All we can do right now is give them hope, give them job leads and provide them advice on their resumes”

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