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TalentMarks was founded in 2009 to help college students, alumni, workers in transition develop the skills necessary to build successful careers. Management brings experience from a diverse cross section of industries including, higher education, employment, coaching and technology.

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Don Philabaum

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"There had to be another way. TalentMarks started after a conversation with Paul about the employment industry. There were two problems we wanted to solve. Students were coming out of college without job hunting skills and employers and human resource professionals were drowning in a sea of resumes and a recruitment process that was overwhelming them.  Our goal was to find a better way for both."

Paul Stefunek
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"Having been in the executive recruitment business for most of my career, I have seen over and over how important ones personal network is to getting not just a job, but a great job. However, few people recognize this or spend time developing their network. Our goal in forming TalentMarks was to help graduates take advantage of the most talented, passionate network they have access to – their alumni association."

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Don is the co founder TalentMarks.

A serial entrepreneur, Don founded Aardvark Studios, Inc. with one camera and a dream while in college. Under Don’s marketing and sales leadership Aardvark Studios become one of the largest commencement photography firms in the world serving 550 college and high schools.

In August of 1995 while living in Telluride, Colorado Don founded Internet Association Corporation (IAC) to fulfill his dream of providing private, password protected online communities for business, government, non-profits and educational institutions.

During the next decade Don assembled a team of 30 programmers, graphic designers, quality control, database and system managers to develop, host and maintain client online communities. Expanding internationally, IAC soon worked with nearly 300 hundred organizations worldwide (with 4 million members) including the London School of Economics, ExxonMobile Corporation, The Former FBI Alumni Association and Columbia University.

By 2007, Don recognized the growing interest Facebook/MySpace had created in the business world was opening an opportunity for him to help companies understand how to use social media. To  oncentrate in this area, Don merged IAC with a venture backed competitor and founded his third company Internet Strategies Group. ISG helps organizations use social media, Web 2.0 and online community to develop their own marketing channel in order to increase customer acquisition, retention and engagement which leads to higher profits.

Don is a graduate of Kent State University, loves mountain biking, road biking, photography and business!


Paul C. Stefunek is the co founder of TalentMarks. Additionally he is the Founder and Managing Partner of paul-lawrence associates and highbridge associates.

Previously he was the co-founder and Vice President at StratfordGroup where Paul led the Technology Practice and executed senior-level searches in the computer hardware, computer software, networking, telecommunications, and interactive media industries with an expertise in the e-Business/Internet industry.

He has conducted searches in the e-Business/Internet industry since 1994 for most disciplines and titles ranging from President & CEO, Vice President, Director, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Research & Development, Technology, Advertising Sales, Programming, Content, Editorial, etc.

Paul has over 16 years of experience in recruiting industry leaders with a focused and in-depth knowledge of the e-business/digital industry. A sampling of his clients include America Online, AT&T, CBS SportsLine, LookSmart, Reuters, Ticketmaster Online, Sony, and several others.

Prior to joining StratfordGroup, he was a consultant with Christian & Timbers where he served as director of the company's Interactive Media Division. Before joining the executive search profession, Paul had a progressive career in district sales, sales management, training and national management with Pitney Bowes and Automatic Data Processing. He specialized in the sale and training of computer management systems.

Paul graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree in Marketing, with a concentration in management. He also sits on the board of several technology based start-up organizations.


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