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About Talentmarks


The goal of TalentMarks is to give students, graduates and alumni access to information they will need to build a successful career.  We do that by providing:

  • Career Coaching
  • Life Style Coaching
  • Career Courses

We have also introduced a low cost, high tech/high touch one on one and group coaching program designed to nudge, cajole and push students and graduates to be everything, they (and their parents) know they can be!

We’ve adopted a win-win approach.

Everything we do has a benefit for everyone involved.

  • Students gain valuable advice, direction and training
  • Alumni associations receive scholarship donations.
  • Career centers receive valuable career resources and help.
  • Parents have an opportunity to participate in the career planning.
  • Companies save time and money by recruiting TalentMarks members. 

TalentMarks grew out of our passion to help students, graduates and alumni have more rewarding careers.


Don Philabaum
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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  




Company information:

    Vision, Mission, Goals


 There has to be a better way!

  • Hiring manages get as many as 250 resumes for each position
  • There are 6 people looking to get every job
  • The average job searcher is spending 50 hours a month on job boards - yet only 12% of all jobs that are filled are a result of an online posting
  • Ninety percent of those employed fail to develop their network before they need it
  • The time it takes to hire someone averages 4-6 months

TalentMarks is working to bridge these inefficiences with innovative, affordable solutions for both employers and those looking for jobs.  We do that by using high tech - high touch methods that involve integrated social media strategies.

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  • Can you remember your first professional interview after you left college?
  • Do you remember what your career goals were?
  • What would you do differently today, based on the knowledge you’ve picked up over the years?

As adults we have the advantage of hindsight to see what we should have done to prepare ourselves for careers.  There are two things I wish I had mastered BEFORE I entered the workplace.

First, I wished I had learned how to network with others.   I didn’t spend time while in college developing a network of friends that I might do business with or that might give me a job.  My small circle of friends was all that I needed.

I can remember the first business networking event I went to when I was out of college.  It was a meeting of the local chapter of the AMA.  I started getting nervous the minute I walked to the door, got three feet in and saw everyone pared up and panicked, turned around and walked out the door.  Later I learned that 60% of Americans consider themselves shy and overtime learned tips on how to overcome my shyness.  (One was to make a game out of introducing myself and talking to everyone wearing red, blue or black)

Second, I wish I had reached out to others to gain insights on myself and guidance to help me make important decisions.  I was raised to figure things out on my own.  Asking for help or input was a sign of weakness.  As a result, I bumbled along, doing the best I could while making critical career decisions.

Then, in my 30’s, I fortunately learned the value of reaching out to other professionals for advice and career guidance and was fortunate to have had a number of incredible, gifted and successful mentors who challenged me and made me the person I am today.  The advice and guidance Willis and later mentors providers kept me from totally self destructing my career and businesses!  My first book, Create a NET Centered Campus was dedicated to Willis Wolf, a man who spent his retirement years mentoring people like me.

TalentMarks is an outcome of our passion to help graduates hit the ground running with the right networking, social and job search skills to succeed.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


Don Philabaum

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