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80 % of the Class of 2013 Will Be Unemployed on Graduation Day!

 Cause marketing opportunity associates your brand with an event that gives students and grads the skills and knowledge to get internships & jobs! 



On July 25th, 26th and 27th TalentMarks is hosting the annual online GRAD Career Festival.   Top career authors and experts from around the world will provide tips and advice on career exploration, entrepreneurism, personal branding,using social media to get a job, interviewing and job search skills and much more students and grads.

The event is designed to:

  • Encourage students and grads to take ownership of their career.
  • Help students and grads manage the campus to corporate transition.
  • Increase hiring of college grads immediately after graduation.

You can be a part of this worthwhile event!

We need your help to bring this sage career advice to more graduates. Consider:  

  1. Providing prizes, or career resource materials.
  2. Becoming a sponsor and receive recognitions for helping grads.
  3. Promoting the 12 hour career marathon to your fans, marketing channels and customers

Why should you get involved? 

Just 4 years ago in 2007, sixty percent of graduates had a job by graduation day and another 12-19% went on to graduate school. It turns out those were the good old days for the 1,700,000 graduates our colleges and universities produced each year.

Since 2008

  • 80 percent of graduating seniors have found themselves unemployed on graduation day
  • And, the average grad took 7.4 months to find a job!

Nearly all of them found themselves moving home and struggling to find gainful employment that would enable them to pay back their student loans.   Graduates, parents and society have a shared interest in helping graduates get jobs.  The average graduate has over $24,000 in student loan debt and $5,000 in credit card debt.  

A generation of young adults who invested in their education and accepted the largest student loan debts in the history of our nation, because they believed it was the right thing to do, are not even getting an opportunity to start their career.  

How is this acceptable?  

Recent grads and the Class of 2013 need your help.  They are among the smartest, best educated generation ever, but without your help, their talent, enthusiasm and skills will go wasted!

 Your benefits? 

  • Receive recognition for helping grads.
  • Build lifetime customers with grads who are just developing their brand loyalty.
  • Sell more products and services!  


Learn how you can get involved!

  1. Naming rights
  2. Speaker recommendations
  3. Sponsorship & advertising opportunties
  4. Promotion partnerships
  5. Planning participation
  6. Channel co marketing 

Don Philabaum


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Hold a MeetUP Event!

Join in with us and hold a day long MeetUp event at your career center, library, alumni association or organization. Career Coaches invite your clients in too!  Use the presentations to kick off additional discussions.  Click for details


























24 top career authors

72 career & job search tips!  



You can help the Class of 2013!

Our surveys and discussions with hiring managers indicate grads are unprepared for their job search.

Besides giving students the skills and information they need to build a job search strategy we hope you will:

  1. Mentor a graduate.
  2. Hire a graduate for an internship or full time position
  3. Support legislation to provide incentives to employ graduates
  4. Encourage colleges and universities to provide more resources to their career center
  5. Sponsor the GRAD Career Marathon!







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